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Amazing value! Amazing quality.<br>HeadsetHouse long-range wireless headset<br>comes WITH remote handset lifter.<br>150-foot range & 18-hour talk time.<br>Wear it over your head, or on your ear, or with back-of-head band.<br>Works with phones and with computers.<br>FREE SHIPPING to all 50 states.
Outdoor phone housings
NEW! Cableyoyo keeps cords and wires from strangling and snarling.<br>Works with phone cords, audio cords, power  adapter cords, more.<br>Three colors.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
Semi-Pro staple gun for wire and cable.<br>Comes with two sizes of staples.<br> FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Presidential Hot Line Phone.<br>Make people think you're really important,<br>or give it to someone who's important to you.<br>FREE SHIPPING and 7-year warranty
Heavenly Phone can give anyone a direct line to God.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Exclusively ours.<br>7-year warranty.
replacement handsets
SAVE MORE THAN HALF<br>HDMI  High Definition audio-video cables.<br>The best connections for plasma and LCD flat screen TVs.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
<b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b><br>Traditional touch-tone desk phone.<br>Choose from SIX COLORS.<br>FIVE-YEAR warranty.
Phone systems & phones for business & home
Installation tools, testers & supplies
NEW! VersaReCorder works with almost any phone.<br>Connects to handset cord.<br>Even records non-phone conversations<br>or audio notes, on your PC.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Traditional phones with five-year warranties.
Handset audio "hybrid" adapter<br>lets you feed high-quality audio<br>into your voicemail system,<br>or make recordings from voicemail<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA
SuperBell.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Go ahead, wake the dead.
Automatic Fax/Voice Switch<br>lets a line be shared by people and fax machine,<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Bing-bong chime/bell.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Shoulder rests.<br>Less expensive than a session with the chiropractor.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
Hotline & emergency phones
Special needs phones<br>for people who need help hearing, speaking or seeing.
Headsets. Corded & Cordless.<br>No need to hold the phone.
Long-range cordless phones.<br>Go a mile or more.<br>Heavy-duty construction.
FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Complete music-on-hold package. <br>SAVE $24.
Regular price: $178.00
Sale price: $154.00
Surge protectors & back-up power
Phone systems can be damaged or destroyed by power surges coming from the electric outlet or a phone line. Warranties usually don't cover damage from surges, and the loss of a phone system for even one day can be devastating for a business and extremely inconvenient for a family, so USE PROTECTION.
Pack of 100 wire ties.<br>Beautify the under-desk jungle.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
AccessAble access panel<br>dresses up holes in walls<br>and keeps critters out.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
Nail-in wire clips are inexpensive alternative to a staple gun.<br>Pack of 25.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
Lockable outdoor weatherproof jack<br>for up to three phone lines, or more lines in a phone system.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
CordGuard protectors<br>prevent trips and falls<br>and protect wires, cords and cables.<br>Choose from four colors.
Retractable line cord works for both phone and network connections.<br>Great for traveling with a laptop PC.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.