Discontinued Colors
limited quantities

<font color="#FF0000">Discontinued Colors</font><br>limited quantities
We have limited quantities of handset cords in colors that are no longer being made. When they're gone, they're gone, so if you need one or some, don't wait too long.

You can't order online. Please call 1.888.225.3999.

Colors include: AT&T dark red, maroon/burgundy, yellow, orange, harvest gold, AT&T dove gray, ATT light gray, AT&T very light gray, AT&T almond, Radio Shack almond, AT&T dark red, deep blue, light blue, rose, rust, various greens.

Prices are $7 for 6-foot, $9 for 12-foot, and $11 for $25 foot lengths. Cords with spade lugs are the same price as cords with modular plugs. All colors are not available in all sizes or all types.