<font color="#FF0000">ENERGIZER & DURACELL </font> batteries
Some customers order just one or two phone cords or a single shoulder rest or adapter, but the flat-rate shipping price they paid could include more items.

We have popular and powerful Energizer and Duracell batteries that can be included in the same flat-rate package.

Everybody uses batteries. With the high cost of gasoline, it makes sense to save a shopping trip when you can. These great batteries have a long "shelf life," so order some now. You'll need them sooner or later.

These alkaline batteries are ideal when you need reliable, long lasting power for devices like flashlights, portable music players, calculators, remote controls, clocks, radios, electronic games, smoke alarms, toys and cellphone back-up systems.

  • For calculating flat-rate shipping charges, we assume each set of batteries to be the equivalent of one telephone cord, except for the heavy D-size batteries, where a 4-pack is considered to be the equivalent of TWO cords.
  • Our prices are usually lower than WalMart, Target, Staples, Best Buy and Kmart, and other major retailers.
  • You won't have to use expensive gasoline to reach us.
  • You won't pay sales tax, unless you're in Connecticut.
  • All batteries are fresh, with long "shelf life."
  • Packaging may vary from the photographs. If you order an 8-pack, you may get two 4-packs.
  • We may ship either Energizer or Duracell brands, depending on what we have in stock. We consider them to be the same quality.

    Click at the link at the bottom of the page for important information about battery safety and increasing battery life.