The fine print

PLEASE read this page to avoid misunderstandings.

? Although many items have free shipping, our minimum shipping charge is $8 for items that do not have free shipping.
? The $8 charge is a "flat rate" that can send you one cord, adapter, accessory or pack of batteries anywhere in the USA, or as many as three items, regardless of the price or weight of the item
(except for "D" batteries).
? If you order more than one item, you reduce the shipping charge per item.

If you can't find what you need on the website, or just want to talk to a human being, please call us toll-free at 1.203.878.8383.

If you prefer to talk to a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd, 48-hour advance appointments are required.

You can also reach us by fax, email or snailmail. Click the "about us" button at the top for more contact info.

  1. We're open from 9am to 6pm, Eastern Time (5am to 3pm Pacific time) Monday through Thursday. We close at 5pm on Friday.
  2. Orders received by 3pm Eastern Time are generally shipped the same day. If you need same-day shipping and are ordering close to our deadline time, it's better to call us instead of ordering online. We can often accept orders for same day shipping as late as 5pm Eastern. Call us and we'll do our best for you. We ship from multiple locations in different time zones.
  3. Nothing is shipped on weekends. If you place an order after 3pm Eastern Time Friday afternoon, for "next business day" delivery, you will probably get it on Tuesday, not Monday.
  4. This site features secure online ordering, available all day, every day. If you don't want to order online, you can call us or send a fax or email.
  5. We accept major credit cards and PayPal, and also accept payment by check (payable to "AbleComm, Inc.") or wire transfer before shipping. We accept purchase orders from educational institutions and government agencies. The minimum amount for a purchase order is $100. Terms are net 30 days.
  6. We do NOT ship COD.
  7. Some product photographs are not exact, but are pretty close. 
  8. International orders can be phoned to 001 203 878-8383, or faxed to 001 203 878-6315. You can also send email to  

  9. We have no minimum order for this site. With our flat rate shipping system, you'll pay the same $7 minimum fee to receive one item or three, so you may as well get some extra cords or batteries so you have spares for future use, or share an order with a friend or neighbor.
  10. We collect sales tax only on shipments to CT. 
  11. You will receive an ORDER CONFIRMATION after placing an online order. This confirmation is sent to you automatically by Yahoo, the company that hosts this site, to confirm that your order has been received. It does NOT include additional charges for shipping or taxes that MAY be added when we process your order, and does NOT guarantee that the items you selected are in stock for immediate shipping. 
  12. Most items are available for immediate shipment. You can call us at 1.203.878.8383 to confirm availability. 
  13. We sometimes show items on this site before they are available, to help you plan future purchases. The availability dates are based on information we've received from the manufacturer, but we can not guarantee the date. If you order an item before it is available, we will not charge your credit card until we are ready to ship your order.
  14. Some items are sent to you directly from us, others are shipped by distributors and manufacturers. We try to ship from locations close to our customers.
  15. The online order form shows several shipping methods. "Ground" shipping is free for many items, as noted in product descriptions. You can also choose another shipping method, at an additional charge.
  16. We use a variety of carriers, including UPS, USPS and FedEx.
  17. Saturday delivery is usually available, at an additional charge. There is no extra charge for Flat Rate Mail delivery on Saturday, but Saturday can't be specified for Flat Rate Mail. Saturday can be specified for FedEx or UPS, and they charge extra.
  18. On a few items, we will charge you for shipping unless ordered with another item, as noted in the product descriptions.
  19. If you are unsure about what you are ordering, please talk to us before ordering. We want you to buy the right thing.
  20. We work hard to make this site as accurate as possible, and we guarantee that there will be occasional misteaks. We welcome your corrections.

Many of our customers order tree cords, six cords or dozens of cords, and are pleased with our flat-rate shipping prices.

We realize that $8 may seem expensive to ship just one, two or three cords. That's why we offer batteries and phone accessories that can be included in the same flat-rate shipping price. Everybody uses batteries, and our prices are right. We also encourage you to order spare cords for future use, or share an order with someone else to lower the shipping cost per item.

One dealer brags about $1.95 shipping; but the company charges $24.99 for a 25-foot handset cord. Our price is just $9. Our cord has a three-year warranty. Their warranty is for only one year. Whether you buy just one cord or more than one, our total "delivered price" is much lower than theirs. We've been in business for over 30 years, and we treat people right.