Complete music-on-hold package.
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FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Complete music-on-hold package. <br>SAVE $24.
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FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Complete music-on-hold package. <br>SAVE $24.

Here's everything you need to add professional music-on-hold to a phone or phone system with a 3.5mm or "RCA" music-on-hold input jack.

You'll get a rugged continuous repeat CD player, AC power supply, patch cord, and your choice of one of our new royalty-free CDs.

The music sounds super, and there are periodic "thanks for holding" messages in English only, or English and Spanish. You can also choose music without messages.

  • Shipping is FREE anywhere in the US, and installation takes just a minute or two.
  • The photograph shows a "generic" CD player. The one you receive may look different.
  • We normally supply a cord with 3.5mm plugs on both ends. If you need a cord with 3.5mm on one end and an RCA plug on the other, please indicate "RCA" in the comments section of the order form. If your phone system doesn't use 3.5mm or RCA for music-on-hold, you should be able to get a suitable adapter or cord at Radio Shack.
  • Download On-Hold Music Samples (for evaluation only)
    Music with English Message Samples:

    Jazz  Classical  Contemporary  Swing  New Age  Holiday
    Bilingual English-Spanish Samples:
    Contemporary   Classical    Holiday
    Music-Only Samples:
     Guitar Grooves   Piano Solace   Acoustic Christmas