GET FREE SHIPPING (approx. $10-15 value)
10-pack of 12-ft handset cords for CISCO phones.
4-inch straight section.
Top quality, three-year warranty.

GET FREE SHIPPING (approx. $10-15 value)<br>10-pack of 12-ft handset cords for <font color="#FF0000">CISCO</font> phones.<br>4-inch straight section.<br>Top quality, three-year warranty.
Item# 10-PK-CISCO
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This top-quality 12-foot medium gray handset cord with a 4-inch straight section is perfect for Cisco and other phones with a cord retention channel on the bottom.

You can save money if you order ten of the same type of cord. Even if you don't need to replace all of the cords in your business or home now, it pays to buy some extras so you'll have them when you need them, and you'll save money. The deal is even better than getting a free cord.

  • Gold-plated contacts to minimize corrosion and static.
  • Underwriters Laboratories listed.
  • Meets RoHS standards for hazardous materials.
  • Twice as long as a standard cord for added convenience and mobility without getting snagged.
  • Indicated length is maximum length when stretched out.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • "Ground" shipping is FREE to all 50 states.