line cord lengths

line cord lengths
A line cord goes from the base of a phone to a phone jack. The standard-length line cord supplied with most phones and other telecom devices is 7 feet long. It's usually long enough to reach a nearby phone jack, if your furniture is arranged the way the architect, or whoever else planned the phone jacks thought the furniture would be arranged.

If your phone or other equipment needs to be located farther away from the phone jack, you can get cords that are 14, 25, 50 or 100 feet long.

You can also get an extension cord to add 25 or 50 feet to a line cord.

Couplers allow you to put two or more cords together when one cord is not long enough.

Be careful when you use a long line cord or an extension cord. Install it where people won't trip over it, animals won't chew on it, and vacuum cleaners won't snag it. You can get a staple gun or hammer-in clips to hold it in place.