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  1. AbleComm.com is our biggest site, the "telecom department store." It has more information about Panasonic phone products than any other site on the Web, and also includes many products from other manufacturers. It's so good, that it's been plagiarized over 100 times by competitors. It has the highest-possible FIVE STAR rating from Yahoo, and has won Mallpark's Top Vendor Award, the Top Shopping Site Award from the All-Internet Shopping Directory, and the Best Shopping Site Award from Buy-Zone. PC Magazine calls it an "Indispensable site." Communications Convergence magazine said the site is a "Good source for information;" and both Teleconnect and Popular Home Automation magazines consider it their "Favorite" telecom website.
  2. PhoneGeeks.com concentrates on telecom/audio/video/electrical tools and installation supplies. It has LOTS of good stuff.
  3. CordsForPhones.com is sort of a "lite" version of PhoneGeeks.com, with phone cords and other telecom supplies and tools for offices and homes with people  who have no particular technical interest, knowledge or experience.
  4. FrillFreePhones.com sells basic desk and wall phones, including "New Old Stock" rotary-dial models from the 1980s. There;s also are also some old Bell System ads that you might enjoy.
  5. RedHotPhones.com has a huge selection of "hotline" and heavy-duty phones for emergencies and information, for government, business and institutional use. We also have phones for people who just like the color red.
  6. HeadsetHouse.com has a huge selection of headsets for home and office corded and cordless phones, cellphones, and computers; and a lot of information and advice.
  information & fun
  1. Engenius.info contains a huge amount of information on EnGenius long-range industrial-strength cordless phones.
  2. VoiceProcessor.info is the world's biggest and best source of information on choosing, installing and using Panasonic voice processing systems.
  3. Book Making Blog is where AbleComm boss Michael discusses writing, editing, publishing and other things
  4. Dial Zero blog provides a look at the silly, stupid and surprising things done in telecommunications.
  5. Gotta Get One blog is a source of recommendations, and occasional warnings, about BIG BOYS' TOYS (electronics, cars, cameras, tools), plus movies, food and more.
  6. For The First Time blog will tell you about important and interesting changes in society and technology. Learn the origin of the Egg McMuffin, the first toilet paper, and first voice mail. Also, the last American convertible, last Automat, last phone renter, and more.
  7. 911 Wackos provides a look at the weird world of 911. Some folks call 911 for strange reasons. Some folks get into trouble after they call 911. Sometimes the 911 operators get into trouble.
  8. WeLoveClams.com has nothing to do with phones, and everything to do with eating clams. Have fun.
  9. SilverSandsBooks.com is the book publishing division of AbleComm. We publish books on telecom and audio-video, as well as non-techie subjects.
  10. BookFur.com has information and book reviews for writers
  11. MichaelMarc.us is the personal site of the AbleComm boss. It provides a look at his vast and half-vast collections. He has sugar cubes going back to 1939, both indoor and outdoor phone booths, and a 1978 Fiat Spider.

online phone forum

  1. Phone System Forum is the place to ask about, discuss, and learn about phones, phone installation, phone systems and voice processors. Talk to other system owners, and visiting experts.


list updated 12 MAR 12