phone plugs,
tools & testers

You don't have to replace a whole cord just because someone snapped the tab off the plug. We have plugs, tools, and packages of tools and plugs. It's easy to replace the plugs, and you can save time and money. You can even cut up long cords to make short cords.

Limited-use dual-size plug crimper<br>with 12 modular plugs in two sizes.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>
Value-priced triple-size modular plug crimper.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
SAVE $9!<br>Pro-quality phone cord first-aid kit<br>with 100 plugs for line cords & handset cords.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
100 Plug Pack for handset cords & line cords.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
what the tools and testers do
10-Plug pack for phone line cords.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
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SPECIAL! Pocket-size mini phone line tester.<br>FREE US SHIPPING with any order over $49.<br>Or can be included in flat-rate shipping.
Versatile and compact  tester<br>for data, phone & video wiring.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA
Regular price: $139.00
Sale price: $112.00
High-Value Eclipse tool kit is perfect<br>for most electrical or electronic repairs.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b><br><b>FIVE YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY</b>
Eclipse Itty-Bitty Tool Kitty.<br>Great for travel, desk drawer, car, anywhere.<br>Use it for unplanned electronic jobs, or even fixing eyeglasses.<br><b<>FIVE YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY.</b><br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Fluke/Harris TS19 Basic Buttset (butt set).<br>Angled bed-of-nails alligator clips.<br>18-Month warranty.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Regular price: $159.00
Sale price: $119.00
Paladin portable cable tester for phone, data, video cables<br>maps cable pin-outs, identifies shorts, opens, crosses.<br>Checks over 20 types of cables.<br>Automatic or manual scan.<br>Auto-power-off conserves battery.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>
<p align="left">Fluke 3000 Tone Generator & Probe set has strong transmitter<br>and big speaker for easy wire identification & tracing.<br>Bed-of-nails clips AND modular plug.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.