short cords

Short line cords are used to connect some (but not all) wall phones to wall phone jacks, and accessories such as Caller ID displays and credit card terminals to phones and jacks.

All of these cords can be included in flat-rate shipping.

4-conductor 8-inch stranded line cord
Use this for phones that mount on the wall. It's much neater than trying to stuff a 7' cord behind the phone.

Good for one-line and two-line "consumer" phones, and for many "system" phones.
4-conductor 2-foot stranded line cord
Great for patch panels, surge protectors, desktop accessories, and other situations where a regular 7-foot cord is just too long.
3-Pair short cord with modular plugs
About 8 inches long. Used on various testers, and as a patch cord, or to connect some wall phones to wall jacks.

6-conductor (3-pair) cord has 6-pin/6-position plugs for RJ11, RJ14, RJ25 and other applications.