Shoulder rests.
Less expensive than a session with the chiropractor.
Can be included in flat-rate shipping.

Shoulder rests.<br>Less expensive than a session with the chiropractor.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
We strongly believe that people who spend a lot of time on the phone while using their hands for things other than holding the phone, should be using a headset, not a handset, and we have a website devoted to headsets.

But, if you can't or won't get a headset, at least spend a few bucks for one of our wonderful shoulder rests. We've been selling them and using them for about 25 years.

It will help keep the phone in position while you talk, will help prevent neck and shoulder fatigue, and will probably delay the need to visit a chiropractor or an orthopedic surgeon.
For calculating shipping charges, we assume each shoulder rest to be equal to one cord. Therefore, $9 would pay to ship up to six cords, or four cords and two shoulder rests, anywhere in the USA.